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And if Digital Marketing is what you are planning as a Career, then here’s a complete A-Z Digital Marketing reference guide for answering or clarifying to any of your questions, doubts or plans.

All about Digital Marketing for a Beginner’s reference;

  1. About Internet Online Users
  2. What is Digital Marketing
  3. Benefits of Digital Marketing
  4. Career in Digital Marketing
  5. Scope of Digital Marketing
  6. Salary Range in Digital Marketing
  7. Skills required for Digital Marketing
  8. About Digital Marketing Course, Syllabus & Eligibility
  9. Digital Marketing Course Certifications Types
  10. Digital Marketing Interview Questions
  11. Digital Marketing Learning Blogs
  12. Digital Marketing Learning Videos
  13. Digital Marketing Tools
  14. How to start with Digital Marketing Project


Let’s now go one-by-one through each of the points;

About Internet Online Users

India is the 2nd largest online market share in the World with over 560 Mn Internet Users, next to China. Coming to mobile phone, Indians have 1.2 Billion subscriptions & downloading 12.3 Billion more apps in 2018 (missing current stats). And with Social Media on the rise, average Indian user spends 17 hours on the platforms each week, more than social media users in United States & China. This is the impact of Online Usage in India, and so, an encouragement to all those who are planning to pursue a career in digital marketing. Few articles for reference;


What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Kya Hai; Click the link to have a 360 degree approach to the meaning of Digital Marketing. This one article is enough to give a complete information of digital marketing for any beginner’s understanding.


Benefits of Digital Marketing (straight to the point)

  • Cost-effective marketing channels to reach maximum audience
  • Target ideal buyers in most specific ways using different digital marketing channels within targeted budget & resources
  • Easily & quick adapt to new strategy & technique for better results
  • With digital marketing, you can track & measure everything to know, what works or not?
  • You can now show up your services on Google Maps as well as engage with your Mobile customer through online medium


Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing as a career stands great from the point of;

  • Adaptability by Every Business
  • Growth Opportunity
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Salary Range & Growth

Refer the link for more info; Career in Digital Marketing in India


Scope of Digital Marketing

Scope is a very fluid concept, never static! The career that might be soaring high today in the job market may fade away in the near future, and a career that completely unknown or unpopular, may bloom into a high-demanding job as time passes!

Fields like Data Science/Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Digital Marketing, Adobe Analytics, Amazon Ads, Programmatic Ads etc., which didn’t even exist a decade back, are today among the top emerging careers. Hence, choose a specialization where your passion lies, and the scope will be created for it over time.

With regards to Digital Marketing, there’s a huge scope in the market provided you exhibit the necessary skillset to fit in;

  • Good in English Language (verbal & written)
  • Being Creative & Analytical
  • Understanding marketing Concept
  • Computer Savvy


Salary Range in Digital Marketing

Here’s a screenshot of the expected salary in digital marketing career based on years of experience.

Years of Experience Salary (in Lacs per Annum)
Intern 10K to 15K per Month
0 to 1 1.5 – 3 Lacs
1 to 3 3 to 5 Lacs
3 to 5 5 to 8 Lacs
5 to 10 8 to 15 Lacs
10 & Above 15 Lacs & Above


Skills Required in Digital Marketing

It will be a big advantage, if you can concentrate on equipping yourself with the following skills to start with digital marketing;

  • English (both written & verbal)
  • MS-Office majorly MS-Excel (Shortcuts, Formulas, Vlookup & Pivot Table)
  • Typing Speed (min 35 Words per Min to give speed to your work completion)
  • Good with Reasoning Skills; Being good in Analytics thinking
  • Creative & Designing Knowledge (Photoshop, CorelDraw or Illustrator)
  • Development Knowledge (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Internet Savvy

About Digital Marketing Course, Syllabus, Eligibility

Click the link for all info on; What all beginners should know about Digital Marketing Course & it’s attributes?


Digital Marketing Certifications Type


Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Click the link to refer all the required questions relating to Digital Marketing specializations;


Digital Marketing Learning Blogs

Follow the link to find the list of different Digital Marketing blog articles for beginner’s reference in one single place.


Digital Marketing Learning Videos

You can also refer the YouTube Channel link for referring; All free live videos on Digital Marketing learning


Digital Marketing Tools

We’ve listed out the best digital marketing tool for building proficiency by every beginner to perform best in their digital marketing work.


How to start with Digital Marketing Project?

Here’s multiple live sessions videos from Ranjan Jena to have a strategic start with your digital marketing project work for successful deliverables;
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I’ve tried to link all my important articles & videos that will guide & educate you the best in taking up Digital Marketing career from scratch for a successful start.

You can always connect me online to help you with your digital marketing learnings. Or join eMarket Education Digital Marketing Training Insitute to experience the best training impartment in Digital Marketing course either by opting for Online or Classroom training. Click the below link for referring the complete details;

About eMarket Education Digital Marketing Institute

eMarket Education Achievements

Digital Marketing Course Reviews Testimonials

Digital Marketing Conclusion:

Ranjan Jena, a digital marketing passioneer with 14+ years experience in Digital Marketing and being the Founder & CEO of eMarket Education, is actively involved in imparting extensive digital marketing education to individuals while being reputed for one-of-the-best Pay Per Click Google AdWords trainer in the Industry.

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