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20+ Free Keywords Tool for researching Keyword Ideas

top keywords tool 2022 used in india

Top Keyword Tool 2022 (Used in India)


The Customer’s Perception is your Reality ~ #KateZabriskie

And to connect with your customer’s expectation online, You’ve to be a master in Keyword Research because it’s the keyword through which a customer & an advertiser gets connected online.

And to explain the way Keyword works online, it’s the advertiser who decides the list of keywords that they expect their customer to search online as queries on either Google/Bing/YouTube/Others; once the queries match with keywords, the ads get displayed to the customer for the customer to decide clicking or not!


Now, how you proceed with Keyword Research?

There are multiple Free Keyword tools online to help you with the Keyword building process online, and here are few regularly used tools for your reference;

  1. Google Ads Keyword Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner)
  2. YouTube Keyword Tool
  3. Amazon Keyword Tool
  4. Neil Patel Keyword Tool (Ubersuggest Keyword Tool)
  5. Wordstream Keyword Tool
  6. SEO Moz Keyword Explorer Tool
  7. SEMRush Keyword Tool
  8. Google Analytics Keyword Report
  9. Google Search Console Keyword Report
  10. Google AdWords Search Term Report
  11. Google Trends (very important)
  12. Keyword Tool
  13. Keyword Tool
  14. KeywordEverywhere Keyword Tool
  15. KeywordToolDominator Keyword Tool
  16. Keyword Finder Tool (
  17. Wordtracker Tool
  18. Bing Keyword Tool
  19. Cognitive Keyword Tool
  20. Ahrefs Keyword Tool
  21. Keyword Tool
  22. SEOProfiler Keyword Tool


The only tool to generate keywords ideas by merging words is keyword tool.

A question: Any tool that can suggest multilingual keywords ideas?

  • SEMrush & LSIGraph Keyword Tool


Let’s understand the specialty & benefit of each of these Keyword tools one-by-one (for using it at the right moment with the right purpose);

Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool (Keyword Tool):

  • First, open the URL: for Google AdWords Login
  • Go to “Tools & Settings” features to access “Keyword Planner
  • The best tool online directly from Google to help with Keyword Ideas
  • Benefits of Google Keyword Planner tool is;
    • Helps you with Keyword Ideas around your target location
    • The keyword ideas include relevant keywords with search volume, competition index, Avg. bid price to help you finalize the best keywords for your digital marketing campaigns
    • You can also find the SEO estimate & PPC forecast for a list of keywords that you’ve already finalized
    • Suggestion for ad groups ideas for your keyword list to help with PPC campaigning
    • You can check the seasonality trends for your total keyword summary or for individual keywords too

Google Keyword Planner Tool

YouTube Keyword Tool:

  • You can find the recommended related Keywords around your keyword entry, when typed
  • Helps user find relevant videos
  • Same keywords can be used for YouTube SEO purpose to rank your videos on YouTube to increase views & subscribers

YouTube Keyword Tool


Amazon Keyword Tool:

  • It’s a free Amazon keyword research tool; more of Amazon product-specific keyword research
  • It helps you to find the popular keywords for your Amazon listings
  • The Amazon Ranking Algorithm uses Conv. Rate, Relevancy, and Customer Reviews to rank products.

Amazon Keyword Research tool


Neil Patel Keyword Tool (Ubersuggest Keyword Tool)

  • Helps your with keyword Ideas, Content Ideas, Site Audit & Backlink status report
  • You can either find yours or your competitor’s performance data around the given dimensions & metrics for success

neilpatel keyword research tool ubersuggest


Wordstream Keyword Tool:

  • Discover new keywords to help you succeed in Google Ads & Bing Ads with volume and competitive data
  • Find the keywords ideas to drive traffic to your online business through organic and paid search
  • More helpful for Google AdWords Campaign keyword research, since it uses the latest Google Search data

wordstream free keyword tool



SEO Moz Keyword Explorer Tool:

  • Identify keywords your site could rank in SEO right now
  • Find high-impact keyword suggestions for SEO
  • Keywords in questions format shared for you to target and rank easily or plan to have a blog idea
  • Shares keywords difficulty stats with volume and expected CTR
  • Shares a SERP analysis breakdown report

moz keyword explorer tool



SEMRush Keyword Tool

  • Yes, the only 3rd Party tool paid-version I been using for the last few years is SEMRush
  • So you can understand the importance of using the SEMRush tool
  • It has splendid features of sharing lots of data & insights on keyword and pertaining to other dimensions too
    • Keyword Research for Organic & Paid Campaigns
    • Keyword ideas by Broad, Phrase, Exact, Related & Question related
    • Keyword Gaps comparing your keywords with Competitors keywords
    • Hopefully one-of-the-tool to help with Explore multinational and multilingual environments
    • Also sharing the Results in SERP stats for every keyword
    • With “Organic Traffic Insights”, explore “not provided” keyword lists of Google Analytic

semrush keyword tool



Google Analytics Keyword Report:

  • One-of-the-best tracking & measure tool called Google Analytics
  • It tracks the complete performance of your website from the point of the website, digital marketing & customer
  • It tracks all the keywords search traffic performance across SEO, PPC & Direct traffic for you to optimize accordingly
  • It gives your info on performing, non-performing & potential keywords
  • One-of-the-easiest way to get keyword ideas & keyword performance


Google Search Console Keyword Report / Bing Webmaster:

  • If all you want to track the SEO queries for your website, then Google Webmaster is the best
  • Same we’ve Bing Webmaster for tracking the keyword queries for Bing Search Engine traffic
  • You can find keyword queries for each page wise with stats including Clicks, Impression, CTR & Avg Pos
  • The keyword data are more specific to Organic Results


Google Ads Search Term Report:

  • You can track the queries matched with your PPC Campaign Keywords with performance stats
  • Those queries help you in deciding on new keyword ideas
  • Performance stats displayed includes Clicks, Imp, CTR, Avg CPC, Cost, Conv, Conv Rate & CPA around a given location and match types
  • Your keyword matched with what queries types by the customer can be referred, which gives you an idea for new specific keywords to target, then being broad with your keyword usage

google adwords search term report

Google Trends:

  • You can find the graph trends of 5 max keywords at a time
  • You can find the trends globally or individually selection a given country selection
  • YOu can check the seasonality of your keywords
  • You can also check the usage of keywords by state, city, or region
  • The interface suggests you top keywords ideas & new rising keywords around the base keyword entered
  • 3 Screenshots shared below;
    • How Google Trends looks like
    • Compared Breakdown by filter options
    • Each keyword summary

Google Trends Keyword Research Interface

Google Trends Keyword Compared

Individual keywords Google trend summary Keyword Tool

  • Discover the most profitable LSI or semantically related keywords for SEO & Paid Campaigns for your topic & niche
  • Explore top successful web page content (with high ranking & engagement rate)
  • Explore Language-based keyword research with LSIGraph

Generate LSI Keywords Keyword Tool

  • A very beautiful tool to help out on every useful phrase & question people asking around your keyword
  • You can find keywords by questions, by starting letter of the alphabets, in many variations to cover the complete list of the given keyword segment
  • A 360-degree approach to find all keyword variations from word type to questions types


answerthepublic keyword tool


KeywordEverywhere Keyword Tool:

  • Keywords Everywhere browser add-on can be easily installed on either Firefox or Chrome and can see the results right next to your Google SERP results. So easy to work on keywords ideas
  • Shares you the Search volume, Competition & CPC value

Keyword Everywhere Keyword Tool Keyword Tool:

  • Free keyword research tool for Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Walmart & Etsy
  • Help find keywords for blog, website, eCom, Video sites, or any other Broad or Niche topic


Keyword Finder Tool (

  • Helps you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty for rank winning
  • They also provide tools supportive to other below-given segments

mangools keywordfinder keyword toolkwfinder Keyword tool

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