Digital Marketing

Starting with Digital Marketing: Find out More with these 3 Questions

Starting with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Questions for Beginners

“Risk something or forever sit with your Dreams.” ~ #HerbBrooks


General questions to confirm in Digital Marketing;

  • What Type of?
  • Are You a?
  • What is Best for You? 


Here’s sharing a reference link of “Rich in College” to know more about yourself in 3 ways, while exploring your thoughts with Digital Marketing;

what kind of blogger are you

what type of digital marketer are you

what social media platform is best for you


Here’s, what I found about myself relating to Digital Marketing;

  1. What kind of Blogger are You?

As Blogger, I'm a Simplifier

  1. What type of Digital Marketer are You?

You win on social

  1. What Social Media platform is best for You?

Instagram Social Media Platform

Now time to know about Yourself in Digital Space. All the Best!

Happy to know your profile, while you can share in the comment box.


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