Targeting Right with PPC AdWords Keyword Match Types

Easy Guide to Google AdWords Keyword Match Type

Google AdWords Keyword match types help control, which searches by a user in Google search engine can trigger a Client’s paid ad.

 Benefits of Keyword Match Type;

  • Control searches that trigger ad
  • Helps maximize your potential or target relevant searches
  • Help improve click-thru-rate (CTR)
  • Keywords aren’t case-sensitive; they’re matched w/o regard to uppercase or lowercase

Types of PPC Keyword Match Type;

  • Broad Match – include misspells, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations
  • Broad Match Modifier – + symbol – contains the modified terms, no synonyms, in any order
  • Phrase Match – “ “ symbol – maintain the keyword sequence
  • Exact Match – [ ] symbol – exact term and close variations
  • Negative Match – keywords in negative, doesn’t trigger ads


PPC Google AdWords Keyword Matching Options
Photo Courtesy: Blog.Adstage.io

What is close-variations?

  • Show ads for close variations of your Phrase & Exact match type
  • Includes misspell, singular and plural forms, acronyms, stemming’s, abbreviations and accents.
  • Broad Match show for synonyms & related searches, which aren’t considered close variations

Choose right Keyword Match Type;

  • Recommended “Broad-to-Narrow” strategy
  • Start with Broad match
  • Move specific with Phrase or Exact match type

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