Link YouTube and AdWords Account

linking youtube and google accounts

How do I Link Google AdWords and YouTube

Benefits of Linking YouTube and AdWords Account?

  • Helps you access additional video view statistics, call-to-action (CTA) overlays, and remarketing & engagement statistics such as earned views
  • You can link more than one AdWords for video account to your Youtube channel and vice-versa

Features available or not while linking YouTube with Google Adwords;

  • Available are; view ad completion rates of videos
  • Available are; create a call to action overlays on video
  • Available are; create remarketing lists
  • Available are; view earned actions from videos and video ads
  • Unavailable is; doesn’t give the Youtube channel owner control over the Adwords account
  • Unavailable are; doesn’t let the advertiser add, edit or delete videos from Youtube channel

Setup process to link Youtube to Google Ads;

  1. Sign-in Youtube Channel
  2. Click “My Channel”
  3. Click “Video Manager”
  4. Click Channel, and then Advanced
  5. Click “Link an AdWords account under Link AdWords for Video account
  6. Paste “Customer ID” & click “Next”
  7. Assign a name & set permission for features
  8. Click Finish


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