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Leading Social Networks Ranked by Active Users (in Millions) – Jan 2015

Statistics on Top Social Network Worldwide based on number of Active Users per Month


Active Users Statistics per Month for Top Social Media Network Worldwise (in Miillion)


Know, What it takes to Win in Digital Marketing

If you want to know what it takes to WIN, watch the brilliant documentary from Audi: ‘Truth in 24 II

Here’s a video to understand the power of data in order to achieve SUCCESS either in the most grueling Motor Race or in the Media & Marketing world. To know, sports like Le Mans are absolutely dominated by data, and if thats the case, imagine the wonder we can do in digital marketing with the help of data & analytics.

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15+ Valuable Lines from Avinash Kaushik

About Avinash Kaushik;

Here are few valuable LINES from Avinash Kaushik for reference in 2015;
  1. Before I hit Submit or Post I pass it through this filter: “Will my audience find this to be incredible, relevant, of value”, if it does it makes it through and I feel I’ve done my part to carry that weight with some responsibility
  2. Quest to learn something new. Hopefully every day
  3. Bounce rate is just a diagnostic metric; It reports on this phenomenon: “I came. I puked. I left.”
  4. We are not just asking, “Will people come to my site if I advertise?” We are asking, “What will those people do for my business if I spend time and love to attract them?”
  5. My love is reserved for those who 1) Understand what outcomes they are delivering for the client/business and 2) Obsess about delivering those outcomes
  6. Passion comes from two things: 1. What you are knowledgeable about and 2. What you love
  7. It pains me that more of our community does not obsess about outcome metrics; we are far too charmed by activity
  8. I have come to the realization that the problem is not that we don’t have enough data, nor even enough of the right type of data. The problem is we are obsessed about the data, and not about the business
  9. Your salary should be based on the economic value you deliver to the business – If your team is only focused on metrics that do not affect the companies profitability or bottom line, maybe it’s time to implement a new process
  10. The interesting thing about averages is that they hide the truth very effectively
  11. Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done, there is surprise it’s not better
  12. A benchmark for you: If you are not spending 30% of your time in 2013 with data, Ms./Mr. Marketer, you’ll fail to achieve professional success
  13. To guarantee success, spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it
  14. Most websites suck because HiPPOs create them (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)
  15. We have so much data on the web, almost all of it available for free, that we dive into the the data ocean hoping that magically awesome things will follow. They never do
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Live Demo on PPC Google AdWords Keyword Optimization

Practical PPC Google AdWords / Bing AdCenter keyword optimization live sessions for better performance of your PPC campaigns


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Google AdWords Workshop – Bhubaneswar Odisha

Digital Marketing Event Bhubaneswar Odisha

Digital Marketing Workshop in PPC Google AdWords at BBSR, Odisha


Workshop Venue:


Opp. Nalco Headquarters Joydev Vihar, Nayapalli Bhubaneshwar, Odisha-751013

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75+ Best SEO Checklist

Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial Step-by-Step for “Beginners”

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” – Wendy Piersall

Google search engine optimization is about “Keywords” and “Links”. It’s about specificity, authenticity and trust worthiness. It’s about quality content & user satisfaction.

Step-by-step SEO learning for Beginners

Photo Courtesy:www.slideshare.net


Learn simple & best SEO tips for ranking high in Google Search Results;

  1. Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  2. Be smart & cautious while building links to your site
  3. Don’t expect too much too fast
  4. Your website actually ‘pings’ search engines when you update content (via XML sitemaps or RSS for instance)
  5. Abide by Search Engine rules and official guidelines for inclusion
  6. Links from other websites trump every other signal
  7. Unique content or original copy written specifically for a given page
  8. Original quality links leads to chances of generating inbound quality links
  9. Use nofollow carefully. Search engine needs to understand a link is a link
  10. Submit your site to search engines (rarely dependent; CLICK HERE)
  11. Check quality of incoming links
  12. Avoid spam content or pages for affiliate purposes
  13. Including highly specific target keywords for each pages or in links pointing to your page/site
  14. Improvise PageRank with quality incoming links
  15. Google doesn’t understand ‘good’ content, but it does understand popular content
  16. Use xml sitemap in your website; Google will use that file to find all the other pages on your site
  17. Rank for specific keyword phrase by having the keyword phrase or highly relevant words on your page or in links/hyperlinks pointing to your page/site
  18. Mirror, how hard your targeted keywords are competing
  19. Increase quality links to your site to increase Page Rank
  20. Build links to your site to acquire more Google juice or links to have high DOMAIN AUTHORITY or TRUST. Google is a “Links based Search Engine” – it doesn’t quite understand ‘GOOD’ content – but it does understand ‘POPULAR’ content
  21. Get links within page text directing to your site with Keywords in the link
  22. Do internal linking i.e., linking text to your other pages within the site
  23. Too many low quality pages on your site will impact your overall site performance in Google
  24. Unique pages, unique page titles & unique page descriptions
  25. Google & Bing ignore meta keywords or use them as spam signals
  26. Avoid keyword stuffing in the content of the page. Better to have keywords in links, page titles and text content
  27. Believe in natural and steady link growth for your website
  28. Who links You, Quality of those Links, & Who you Link to – determines where you rank
  29. Google decides which pages on your site are important or most relevant
  30. Important to spread all that real ‘PageRank’ – or link equity – to your profitable keywords / phrase high ROI pages
  31. Link to important pages on your site from your Home page
  32. Google Panda – a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.
  33. Google Penguin – first announced on April 24, 2012. The update is aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines with involvement in increasing artificially the ranking of a webpage by manipulating the number of links pointing to the page
  34. Important for SEO expert to be page centric, instead of just keyword centric when optimizing a web page for Google
  35. Proper keyword research, text content on a page, keywords in external & internal links determine the rank of your webpage in either Google/Yahoo/Bing
  36. Google doesn’t rate a given page higher than a competition – problem with the content or backlinks of the page
  37. Find, which pages are necessary or important for you
  38. Find, which links are necessary for your given pages
  39. Find, which pages are acquiring the link juices
  40. Find, which pages or keywords to be ignored
  41. The less domain authority you have, the more text you’re going to need for your web pages
  42. Keep it SIMPLE; (KISS)
  • Don’t build your site entirely with Flash, or HTML Frames
  • Build you site with CSS & HTML. Then if required, you can embed media files such as Flash in HTML
  • W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium
  • HTML5 is the preferred option over Flash
  • Site built entirely in Flash could affect your rankings, and esp., in mobile search results
  • KISS philosophy – Keep It Simple, Stupid

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