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google adwords certification training

PPC Course Online in Bangalore


Ranjan Jena’s Mission: “Create 500+ PPC Google Ads Professionals in 2024”


Google AdWords training is a 30-hours course duration program designed with one goal in mind: To make you a better PPC Google Ads Professional

This Google Adwords PPC training covers everything you need to learn from basics of Google AdWords to keyword research, keyword grouping, campaign structuring, adcopy creation, quality score, account set up, conversion tracking code set-up, campaign management, optimization & reporting, Google Analytics for PPC, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, Video Ads & Excel techniques too.

About the PPC AdWords Trainer:

This PPC Google AdWords certification course features the most current topics taught by Ranjan, Jena, Founder & CEO of eMarket Education, and an experienced Google AdWords trainer with 10+Years experience in Digital Marketing training delivering the best theoretical & practical training in Google AdWords. Check AdWords Certification Training Videos of Ranjan Jena, and reviews online to know, what Student speaks about his training.

Live PPC Google Adwords Projects – Real-time PPC campaign management with excel test & techniques, analytic thinking towards Digital Marketing PPC AdWords campaigns. Upon completion, this project becomes your case study either for job success or for your own business strategizing. Each class is conducted in 1-1 informal consultation style with live case studies and projects. Upon completion, you will be equipped with how and where to begin in Google PPC AdWords. You would be confident to compete with any experienced or experts in the PPC industry in managing any small/medium/big Pay Per Click projects.


Google AdWords Certification Online Training Objective:

This Google Adwords course will look at the key considerations for PPC marketers starting from PPC basics, Google AdWords set-up checklist, PPC campaign management to advance optimization checklist while helping individuals get proficient in managing real-time campaigns, achieving traffic & conversion ROI results, Excel techniques & Analytical thinking. •

This PPC training will run through different PPC tools while covering PPC Google AdWords Campaign Setup Checklist, Keyword Planner tool, AdWords Quality Score, PPC Google AdWords optimization Checklist, Reporting & Google Analytics etc. while providing guidance to think through advanced web marketing strategies with a global and local perspective.

PPC Google Adwords Training Syllabus:

AdWords training class includes 30 Hours of Theory with extensive practical assignments, case studies & live project work. Topics covered are;

  • Client Discussion, Goals & Targets, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Website Analysis, Auditing & Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Structuring, Keyword Research & AdCopy Writing
  • Quality Score, Account Set-up & Conversion Tracking Code Set-up
  • Campaign Network Targeting Setup
  • Search, Display, Video, Remarketing Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Management & Optimization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Google Ads Certification
  • How to use Excel techniques for analysis & interpretation & strategies

On completion of PPC Certificate Online, students will be;

  • Not a fresher anymore, but an expert fresher able to take up Google Adwords account management from day 1 of job career
  • Confident in typing & Excel Techniques execution
  • Proper Analysis of Campaign Performance for a Small/Medium/Large Pay Per Click Accounts with ease
  • Proficient in generating reports for Management & using Analytics Tools to Improve Campaign Performance
  • How to strategically think towards your Business Objective with PPC Actions
  • Forecasting of Budget/Performance metrics
  • Better Keyword Research & Creation of Adcopies
  • Optimization techniques
  • How to use different PPC Tools?

Who should learn PPC Course Online?

  • Students/Freshers
  • Offline Marketers
  • SEM / PPC Analyst
  • Non-Digital Marketeer
  • SEM or PPC Freshers
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Start-Up Organization willing to introduce Digital Marketing
  • Product & Brand Managers
  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Candidates confused in deciding on a job career can take this as their future career
  • Small Business Owners, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs targeting for Instant Visibility
  • Real Estate & eCom Business Owners

Online Google AdWords Certification Benefits;

After completion of the PPC training mainly Google Adwords, students should be able to demonstrate proficiency in managing a small or large PPC account from a list of 100 to Lakhs keyword campaigns. Help businesses & companies grow with Pay per Click advertisement. Confidence to develop comprehensive Pay Per Click Adwords Advertisement campaigns and strategies to drive traffic, and convert potential customers to leads or sales.

P.S. Past PPC Adwords Bangalore Students Testimonials PPCWorkshopIndia Videos PPCWorkshopIndia Pictures

Google AdWords Certification Online Training Fee:

  • Rs. 20,000 / Person (includes MS-Excel & Google Analytics explanation from PPC point of view)
  • PPC Google Ads Certification (Min 4 Google AdWords Modules i.e., Fundamental, Search, Display & Video)

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