Google Analytics Training


Motto: “Learn the Best of Google Analytics for your Online Business”


Google Analytics Certification course is a 50-hour course  that will introduce you the basics of Google Analytics along with;

– How to apply Google Analytics skills to your own website in order to understand Website

– Digital Marketing & User interaction, intentions & behaviours

This Analytics training would also give a practical approach on, how Google Analytics works, and what tools and reports would best serve a given Client’s business?

Live Google Analytics Projects – Real-Time Analysis with Excel techniques. Teaching on Analytical thinking towards Digital Marketing channels including SEO, PPC Google AdWords, Social Media, Referral etc.

Upon Google Analytics Certification Course Completion;

This web analytics training project becomes your case study for employment or for your own business. Each class is conducted like 1-1 informal consultation style with real-time case studies and projects. You will also be equipped with how and where, to begin with Google Analytics. You would be confident to compete with any experienced or experts analyst in the Analytical specialization in strategizing/analyzing any small/medium/big Digital Marketing projects.

Google Analytics Training Course benefits;

 Understanding your Online Visitors

 Measure the performance of your Digital Marketing campaigns

 Customize your Website for maximum exposure

 Evaluate traffic flow to your Website with the help of date & interpretation

 Improve your Website usability, Digital Marketing support & Users engagement



Google Analytics Certification Objective:

 Analytics Certification training will help you to discover the importance of Analytics in Digital Marketing; What it is, Why you should use it and How to get maximum benefit for your Business online.

 This certification course will help you to crack all those possibilities from Website, Digital Marketing & Customer perspective while helping your with data to interpret & fix different loopholes, and supporting you with various opportunities for better ROI or increase profit

 Provide guidance to think through advanced web marketing strategies with a global and local perspective.


Google Analytics Training Course content:

 An Introduction to Google Analytics

 Explaining Digital Marketing including Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Google AdWords, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, YouTube Marketing & Content Strategy

 How Google Analytics support

 Benefits of Google Analytics Tool

 Google Analytics Account Set-Up

 Google Analytics Performance Metrics explanation

 Importance of Tracking Code & creation

 Explaining Google Analytics Admin Panel & set-up

 Creation of Goals & Funnels

 Linking of Google AdWords, AdSense, Google Webmaster with Google Analytics Account

 Explaining Profile Filters

 Live Demo & practice on Reporting Dashboard including Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior & Conversions

 Explaining Audience tab to understand User interaction on your Website

 Explaining Acquisition tab to understand Digital Marketing support for your Website branding & conversions

 Explaining Behavior tab to understand the pros & cons of your Website content to your User expectations

 Explaining Conversion tabs to understand buying cycle of your website with the user.

 Theoretical & Practical approach to Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution Models

 Understanding Custom Reporting templates & advance segmentation around your given insights & performance objectives

 Working on different custom reports for analyzing Website, Digital Marketing & Customer/User intentions & insights while applying to day-to-day executions for better ROI

 Google Analytics Certification



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Upon completion of Google Analytics Certification course, students will be;

Well, versed & confident to take up the Google Analytics certification exam. Know More

 Confident in finding ways to improve your Marketing strategy while strategically thinking towards your Business Objectives

 Proper Analysis of Website Performance for a Small/Medium/Large Business online

 Proficient in generating Analytical reports for Management & using Analytics Tools to Improve Campaign Performance

 Ideas to improve your On-page content, site-navigation and Pay Per Click Google Adwords performance

 Track goal performance through different marketing channels in order to analyze the performance

 Helps you track loopholes on a regular basis while helping your turn your Business better every day

 Evaluate, monitor and innovate your online strategies to get the best results for your business

 Improve presentation skills, personality development essential for a PPC Marketer


Who should join Web Google Analytics Certification Course?

 Students/Freshers

 Offline Marketer’s

 SEM / PPC Analyst

 Non-Digital Marketer

 Start-Up Organization willing to introduce Digital Marketing

 Product & Brand Managers

 Candidates confused in deciding on a job career can take this as their future career

 Small Business Owners, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs targeting for Instant Visibility

 Passionate to get-in Online Marketing Industry


Web Google Analytics COURSE FEE:

  • Complete Google Analytics Certification Course with Excel & Digital Marketing basics – 25,000 / Person
  • Google Analytics Certification Exam





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