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About Ranjan Jena, currently operating digital marketing training institute at Koramangala, Bangalore named eMarket Education. For any training need, call +91-7760969452.


Jayaprakash - Google AdWords PPC Students“Ranjan, talk about Experience and not the portion, which is brilliant. You go above & beyond in every aspect of PPC topic while it being outside syllabus. Real-time training experience with Adwords campaign management. I have learned a lot from your PPC public speaking. Your knowledge of Display Advertising is fantastic. You pick the call and solve our problems & help us professionally.”- Jayprakash Nayak, Supervisor, Search Account Management at Yahoo


Rabbani - PPC AdWords Course Students“I feel glad to share my experience with Ranjan Jena. Before I started Adwords PPC training with Ranjan I had a lot of discussion with him over the phone as I was about to shift my career from traditional marketing to digital marketing. I was really tensed to shift in my career but he has assured me and boosted my confidence.
As the part of the training, it went up with theory, discussions and case studies which have to give me like high-level understanding. The most important point over here is the real-time campaigns which I have managed, it has given me the confidence and tested my capabilities. I found Ranjan very supportive in every aspect he is very much available on phone, Skype and on social media to clarify real-time issues. I recommend anyone who wants to start their career in digital marketing this will be the best place to get equipped with digital skills. “IF YOU WANT TO BE THE EXPERT, LEARN IT FROM EXPERTS”. I take this opportunity to thank Ranjan for shaping up my career in digital marketing and placing me in Grank” – Rabbani Hussain, PPC Analyst, GRANK – 2014 Batch

Sanjib Das - PPC Course Students

“I would like to share my experience with Ranjan Jena. I pursued a course on PPC in January ’14. I was a blind person on Search Engine marketing or entire Digital marketing. When I met Mr Ranjan Jena, got proper guidance on the entire subject and decided to concentrate only on SEM/PPC rather knowing entire digital marketing. What I got from Ranjan would have never got from any professional in this city. Though he is vast experienced and an expert in this field but never treated me just as a student. I spent significant time with him as per my flexibility. I learned subject in detail and after completion of course got a job immediately!! My blur time turned to sharp only for Ranjan and I have high regards for him. Wish Best of Luck!” – Sanjib Das, SEM Executive at CommonFloor – 2014 Batch

Amsaraj PPC Course Students“I gladly admit that the course has provided necessary insights into the Google Adwords and it’s application. The course also has given me a broader perspective of the career, helping me to understand my clients in much better way. Ranjan helped me to understand and gauge various aspects of PPC account with latest trends which can be applied to our day to day operation. Ranjan has done a wonderful job drawing on theory, research, and real-time evidence-based best practice and in creating a framework for professionals like me. Thank you for the great support. I feel I am truly grateful and have discovered great source of encouragement and inspiration. I have learned to completely upgrade my career from SEO to Digital Marketing Professional. I recommend Ranjan and his institution truly bring anyone the next success of their career growth. Join with him to learn, ideas, supports and latest trends for your great career strengthened.” – Amsaraj C, Digital Marketing Professional at Muvacon – 2014 Batch

Tharun SEO & AdWords Course Students“Being an marketing professional, I always wanted to increase my skills to sync with my profession, That’s when idea of doing Digital marketing course struck my mind. I visited so many reputed institutes and spoke to faculties but none of them could give me confidence in their teaching module. Until one day my friend referred me to Mr Ranjan and Rajesh, after speaking to them I was convinced and enrolled for the digital marketing program offered by them. I would say the learning journey is great with a proportionate mix of Practical and theoretical class.

Rajesh is an SEO profession with immense knowledge in SEO, and a very great person too, he taught me to complete SEO course and was very helpful in building confidence in me. He updates himself with the current trend in SEO and passes on the same to his students. After completing the course from Ranjan Jena’s training institute I feel more confident in Digital marketing.  I would strongly recommend my friends to do Digital Marketing Course only from Ranjan Jena’s Training Insitute.” – Tharun N, Marketing Professional – 2014 Batch

Dilip Kumar PPC Training Course Students“It was a really good learning in PPC course with in-depth analysis and strategy plans. As I’m from a different background, Ranjan Jena took up from a scratch and started with step by step methods and the classes were very interactive and have learned a lot out of it. Ranjan is very supportive and approachable person. Ranjan is capable to make anyone understand the subject with live examples. His unique techniques towards optimizing the accounts are excellent. His training and objective are towards making sure that receiver understands the subject clearly with practical classes. The overall experience of the course was awesome had fun in the classes. I am extremely happy that I met Ranjan in my career and showed me the right path in, which I can make my career bright.  And I am very much Thankful to him as good friend and mentor. I look forward to attending all your event and I wish you all success!” – Dilip Kumar, Search Analyst, eAnswer – 2014

Vellasamy PPC Course Students“Training is awesome, there was so much of learning. I wish to have joined the training a year back, then I’d definitely been in higher scale by this time.” – Boopathi Velu Samy, Digital Marketing Analyst, Infosys




Saubhagya PPC Course Students“Ranjan is a very well-versed PPC and Analytics trainer who knows the inner viewpoint of practical need that implacable in the modern digital working environment. Because of his involvement in travel, affiliate marketing, and other versatile industries, Ranjan Jena has gained awesome hands-on practical experience.He knows the perfect prescription for handling large segment PPC and  Analytics Campaign. His dedication and involvement in training are at par. He used to explain the campaign case studies and different practical questionnaires time to time which helped me a lot in understanding the workflow of Analytics and pay per click segment of digital marketing. During my training period when I used to ask him a lot about other segments of digital marketing, he always responded in a very supportive way. It is because of Ranjan’s passionate training that influenced me to gain insightful knowledge on PPC as well as cracking the Google Adwords exam with the superb score. I wish Ranjan a very good Adwords trainer milestone ahead…” – Sauvagya Ranjan Patnaik, Digital Marketing Specialist, Indusnet Technologies

Sri Vidya - PPC Training Students“First of all, I would like to thank You for giving me a good opportunity, to improvise myself in PPC  career. Even though I’m an MCA technical student, I have taken Google Adwords Training from  Ranjan Jena. You have given the in-detailed explanation of each and every concept of Adwords, &  helped me to do the best using AdWords interface, and also many tools, which is very important for generating the keywords. Hands-on-experience training. You allowed us to give Seminars &  Presentations. Thank you very much, Sir!”- Vidya Sri, AdWords Display Ads Analyst, Grank – 2014
Sneha - Google AdWords PPC Students“My experience with eMarket  Education (PPC Google AdWords)has been extremely satisfactory. RANJAN sir is the Excellent, Qualified, Experienced and very knowledgeable trainer and also a good motivator. His friendly nature made me call him every time whenever I am in trouble. The course was very well presented. Points were explained extremely well backed up by good knowledge. Had great opportunities to improve my skills. I Enjoyed each and every class .it was not just one-way communication. Initially, I had confusion with choosing this field since my education qualification was BE and later when I spoke with Ranjan sir I got the clear idea about this course, now I am extremely happy with my choice. Thanks, sir! For people thinking to venture into Digital marketing space, this course and institution are highly recommended.” – Snehalatha – PPC Analyst, Havas Media Bangalore – 2014 Batch
Praneetha - SEO Training Students

“I always was under the guidance of good teachers. But felt lost in this competitive world when education seems just a business. I feel like I got my guides for my career and not just a teacher. Ranjan and Rajesh sir are the ones on whom you can rely and trust blindly.” – Praneetha R, SEO Analyst, Havas Media – 2014 Batch


Madan Kumar - PPC Training Course Students

“Digital Marketing, it was totally out of my knowledge. Then one fine day, I finally realized the importance of Digital Marketing in the Digitalized world. It was never been easier until Ranjan taught me, which made me become a PPC Analyst. He has an eligibility to make dumb people understand easily by his excellent teachings with individual attention.

Now, I am an Adwords Certified Professional for excellent training and I have gradually started to gain more knowledge about Digital Marketing. And Finally, It’s Ranjan who have been supporting me in all the aspects throughout, even in tough times. Thank you, Ranjan.” – Madan Kumar, PPC Analyst, mFinite – 2014 Batch

Mithunani - PPC AdWords Course Students

“A small step towards my goal I Would like to thank all my All family members & My friend’s, for there support & unconditional love, I would like to thank My Trainer My Guru for My Guide MR.Ranjan Jena, MR.Rajesh Basavaraj I started my journey with your guidance, I would like to learn more from you, Sir.” – Mithilesh Nani, PPC Analyst, NumbersFirst – 2014 Batch


Shanawas - PPC Course Students from Dubai

It’s 4 years I know Ranjan. I had joined for SEO course in an Institue where Ranjan was taking the Google Analytics & PPC Classes. Fortunately, I got placed in his company & team where I started my Digital Marketing Career. Each and every day was a learning for me. Working in SEO for more than 2 years, I thought of learning PPC. I didn’t have a second thought to learn it from him since he has more than 10 years of experience. He makes you to work practically rather than learning the theory. I strongly believe for PPC, we should have the real-time experience rather than theory knowledge. The best part of Ranjan & eMarketEdu is not you join the course, get the certificate and their job is done, but he tries his best to place you in some company. He is a GOOD MENTOR of mine. – Shanawas from Dubai – 2015 Batch

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