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Digital Marketing Industry Growth in India

Digital Marketing Industry Growth in India

Digital Marketing Industry in India


Digital marketing is also referred to as Web Marketing or Internet Marketing or Online Marketing that started in the early ’90s but had its initials in the mid-80’S and grew very fast in the ’20s. One of the major reasons for the rapid growth of this industry can be seen due to the strong penetration of internet users and also the trickiest and easiest medium to expand the business. In order to tackle the hectic and stressful working culture of traditional marketing, digital marketing proved to be a boon for many industries.

Below is a small data, driven by Google Trends which shows, how digital marketing has grown over the years?

Google Trends for Digital Marketing Industry Growth


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Digital Marketing Performance in India vs Globally:

So when we speak of, how is the performance level of digital marketing in India as compared to other countries, it can be a little dilemmatic. As we can see from the above figure it is no doubt that digital marketing is surely evolving greatly by each passing year which simply means that businesses and individuals are really getting benefited from this but there are certain factors which still keep India back a step and that according to experts is lack of updated technology and innovation.

Certainly, all know that digital marketing means marketing done with the help of digital mediums but what we lack in India is the late penetration of digital mediums as compared to other countries. For example, whenever social media giant Facebook introduces or makes any changes to its features, the same gets introduced to Indians after a long time than the rest of other countries.

Also in recent years, the start of numerous digital agencies in India proves that India is now growing very fast in the online industry sector. So overall, it can be said that India is one of the fastest and emerging contenders and performers in the Asian market when compared to the US, UK, African and Middle East markets.



Revenue Generation in Digital Marketing:

It is a simple concept which we all know in the marketing industry; let it be traditional or online medium, the only thing that matters to people working is the final result which means Return On Investment (ROI) of the finance invested.

According to a mixed report given by KPMG and CII, India’s digital marketing industry is currently growing at 33.5% and by 2020 it will cross 255 billion. India is currently placed as 2nd after China in Asia region in terms of online marketing revenue generation.

Well, that’s the hard part but it’s still the reality. One of the best ways to prove this point is that in recent years a lot of Digital Marketing Agencies have started in our country which shows how companies and organizations are striving hard to rely on this platform for their growth.

digital marketing jobs in india

The introduction of new digital mediums like Smartphones, iPads and other devices has played a major role in boosting the monetary revenue of the Indian online marketing industry.

Internet and Mobile Users in India:

According to a study, it is expected that by 2017 there would be 450 million mobile internet users. As experts define, 80% of urban users and 95% of rural users in India today rely heavily on mobile for internet use and also the shipment of mobile devices increased by 18% in the last year with a whopping 300 million.

top social media platforms online

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Different Industry Sectors Growing with Digital Marketing in India:

In fact with the growth of the internet and smartphones, almost all the sectors are getting benefited with the help of digital marketing initiatives but there are a few sectors or industries which are really scoring high:

  1. e-Commerce
  2. StartUps
  3. Real Estate
  4. HealthCare
  5. Hospitality
  6. Education
  7. Tours & Travels
  8. Sports
  9. Advertising Media
  10. Consumer Goods


Digital Marketing Growth by Industry Sector in India
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Top Countries best in terms of Digital Marketing Working?

Well if we talk about the digital marketing success rate as per country wise then it can be segmented in different market space, for example, we have the US market, UK market, African market, Middle East market, and Asia market. Here are the top 10 countries which pay higher salaries in regard to online marketing:

  1. Australia
  2. Netherlands
  3. USA
  4. Canada
  5. UK
  6. Ireland
  7. Austria
  8. Italy
  9. Singapore
  10. Spain
Top 10 High Pay Countries for Digital Marketing Specialists
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Digital Marketing Jobs or Career:

In recent years, digital marketing has created huge job opportunities not only in India but across the globe. Though we know that digital marketing is an excellent skill as a long career option. There are certain digital marketing trends like Instagram Marketing and Business Strategies and Analysis that are currently making hot job options for digital marketers with handsome packages.

College fresher who are seeking jobs proficient in English language or strategical and social skills can build their career with digital marketing platforms. One of the most interesting topics about digital marketing is that not only job seekers and professionals but qualified housewives can also learn and earn from home through this platform. In case, if you are interested to make your career in online marketing then there are options like:

  1. By enrolling in some good reputed Digital Marketing Institute
  2. By referring to YouTube or blogs from renowned authors or speakers related to digital marketing and experimenting it on a practical basis.
  3. Working as an intern in any digital marketing agency or industry.

(Image showing job opportunities or reviews by individuals)


6 Drawbacks or Threats of Digital Marketing:

As we know that every process in the universe has both positive and negative impacts. So even in digital marketing there drawbacks and threats that should not be neglected. The digital marketing working process should be strictly monitored and implemented or else it may be a total loss with zero results. Below are few drawbacks to look out for:

  • 1 – Digital Marketing Competition and Budget:

With the rapid growth of startups, brands, and other business, the online industry has created a lot of challenges which are certainly faced by the digital marketing sector. So in order to get visibility from the crowd and target customers, the brand has to spend a lot of revenue for digital campaigns which in turn become a challenge for the brand and disadvantage for the online market.


  • 2 – Negative Comments/Feedbacks related to Digital Marketing:

One of the crucial drawback to always remain in web marketing is the comments or feedback given by users. These reviews are so powerful that it can either build a company or if ignored can destroy a brand overnight.



  • 3 – Influence of Traditional Marketing:

Not all the population depend on the internet for the purchase of products. In this scenario, it is impossible to target those users. Although slowly but steadily the millennials have accepted this technology but the rural customers remain far behind the scene. So it may take a few more years to overcome this disadvantage.



  • 4 – Ad Blocking:

Adblocking is yet another demerit to the online marketing industry. Every year the installation of ad-blocking software is on the rise which may sound bad for digital marketers but pal this is the truth. If your advertisement is not visible to your customer then who will buy your product – this is as simple as that.



  • 5 – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

Experts are considering, this could be a major threat to digital marketing in the coming days. With the evolution of this new technology called Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, chances are there that it can reduce or kill the workforce required for digital marketing in the near future. Now, this doesn’t sound good which means job security can get hampered.


  • 6 – Cyber Security:

Well, perhaps this is one such threat that remains at the top priority level for all time. Since the birth of the internet, this is the biggest threat that cannot be ignored in any way. Since the whole digital marketing works on the internet medium, so any kind of scratching with this medium can prove to be a major disaster. These anti-social people called hackers to remain a forever threat to the cyber world.


Future of Digital Marketing:

The future of digital marketing apart from the above disadvantages and threats still remain one of the best skill to take up not only today but also in the coming future because nowadays more and more businesses are becoming online.

Another thing is the large mass is adapting this internet culture for their everyday work. So in this picture, we can assume that in the coming days the future of digital marketing is surely not going to diminish but in turn, can provide the good value of work scope not only in job-wise but also inconvenient terms.


Digital Marketing successful case studies:

So if you google – “digital marketing case studies”, you will find tons and tons of successful case studies but below are few case studies from India and global which one can refer to understand how exactly digital marketing can create brands and expand businesses?

Top 5 Indian Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study:


Top 5 Global Digital Marketing Campaign Case Study:



From the above points, we can conclude that no doubt there are numerous challenges and drawbacks but still, the world of digital marketing is a forever evolving field with the latest technology and updates happening every second and which the young millennials should take up in order to make their career. If interested in a career in digital marketing, connect with eMarket Education

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