Success Story of AdWords Course Student – Rumenigo Fernandes

What a Day, 26th Aug 2014! Rumenigo Fernandes successfully cleared the Google AdWords certification exam, and to share the experience, he joined #GoogleAdWords course with us exactly 14 days back (in this we had a break of 4 days only) so a regular class of 10 days (3-4 hours each classes), and hats off to his focus and attention to all Google AdWords course session and 200% efforts that made him clear the examination in first attempt in just 8 days preparations.

The best thing in it: just being focused 8 days and hard work, could clear the exam, where candidates prepare for months and still scared to write the exam, when it used to cost $50 per module.

Thanks & proud to have Google PPC AdWords course students like you.

Rumenigo, you’re my 2nd experience, and the same experience I had 2 years back, when I taught someone continuously for a week in nite 10:30-12:30, and he bagged his adwords jobs confidently in 1st attempt of 7 days preperation.

What a moment to enjoy together…

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