Display Advertising & Remarketing

Display Advertising & Remarketing Workshop – Aug 2014

Thanks to all the members who could make up for Google AdWords workshop session on “#DisplayAdvertising#Remarketing” {http://www.meetup.com/seo-social-media-marketing-bangalore-india/events/141261922/ }

I loved the overall interaction with the members, and esp., the questions around;
– Search vs Display Bidding competition
– Targeting by Age & Gender for a given industry segment
– How to measure ROI of your adwords
– Why the display bids & avg cpc is very less compared to search bids
– different marketing strategies

Thanks to Prabhu Ram to organizing this event, and giving an opportunity to learn, share and network with passionate guys.

I overall enjoyed the session, and esp. the devil’s advocate Q&A by Ash…

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