PPC Actions based on Situational Cases

Reader, it becomes mandatory for any PPC specialist to act proactively during situational cases, which happens occasionally. Campaign management is the birth right of every SEM/PPC specialist and there are conditions where external factor or changes does impact your campaign equally as internal does, and a PPC person has to react faster than the normal way.

I’m listing out few such conditions or situations for your knowledge for better PPC ROI;

  1. In case of  Travel related campaign;
    1. Pause those destination specific campaigns, which encountered earthquake, terrorist attack, plane crash, or any sort of natural calamity or human disaster to avoid unwanted clicks.
    2. Add the above terms as negative in your campaign negative list at campaign/adgroup level based on your campaign strategy.
  2. In case of E-Commerce related sites;
  3. In case of Adwords/AdCenter Maintenance;
    1. Schedule your ad serving timing with required percentage during those times using Ad Scheduling feature, since you won’t be able to make any changes during the respective maintenance timing respectively.


A little proactive at the right time will save you huge bucks of unwanted cost in PPC. I would be happy to hear other situational grounds that can help PPC externally.

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