Dummy Test of Adwords Conversion Track

Usually a dummy booking is done initially once after adding the conversion tracking code to confirm the tracking code works perfectly in Adwords Interface.

You do search with a keyword query in Google Search Engine. Then see your Ads pops up in the Sponsored Ads. So user go ahead while clicking on your ad, & then the user is directed to the respective landing page that has been defined by you.

Now the user continues with the conversion procedure and reaches on either the “Thank You” or “Confirmation Page.


Conclusion Is:

Intention: Dummy Test Booking Completed

Action: Action Followed & Completed

Testing: Conversion Tracked for the given action

Till now Adwords has not yet displayed the Dummy Booking conversion in the interface, but Testing procedure is completed.

After few hours, Adwords displays a conversion. Very happy, since for few particular industry campaigns, seeing 1 conversion is all that you’re struggling for.

Irony Is:

Meanwhile, you have forgotten that the conversion recorded is due to the dummy test booking, and then very next moment someone reminds you the same.

Lesson: Be Attentive

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