Bid on Brand Terms in PPC?

This has always been a question for clarification by most beginners in PPC. One says, “71% of the total traffic comes from Direct Traffic, which means most of the users are aware of the brand then, then what is the need of spending on Brand terms Campaign bidding?

It is essential to be present both on Sponsored & Organic listings to drive user’s attention and impression. Again, it’s only on the brand that your bid value is 5-10% less that of Generic or Specific keyword bid value while being in top 1-3 position. There are other reasons too, why you should bid on the brand queries;

  • If you are not bidding, then your competitor will bid on your brand terms and take away your share of profit easily.
  • The new feature called Sitelinks (Ad Extension) suits very well with Brand, since sitelinks works only when your ad is shown in 1-3 position, and with Brand, you are easy enough to be in 1-3 without any concern that may not be the same for Generic or Specific keyword where the competition is much aggressive. (Below is the screenshot on sitelinks for your reference)

There is a complication while building up your Brand completely to a new target market audience. In that case, you have to concentrate much on generic and specific keyword with brand related adcopies, so that users are getting aware of the ads mainly targeting brand theme.


For example; Many online and offline users might be knowing about Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus, but rarely about Kaspersky which is new in the antivirus products. So gradually showing up its Brand theme related adcopies on generic terms like “anti virus” will help to spread brand awareness and gradually improve its establishment in the specific market to be in competition in coming days.

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