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online digital marketing courses video

Online Digital Marketing Courses Video

In vain have you acquired Knowledge, if you have not imparted it to Others ~ #DeuteronomyRabbah


Yes, you’re at the right place, if all you want is, acquire some good knowledge, and here, I’m to share all my Digital Marketing learning for FREE in simple, easy & detailed manner through my online videos to be understood by any fresher, beginner or dummies. These Digital Marketing online videos were recorded either before, during or after my SEO, PPC Google AdWords, SMM or Analytics training session for one good reason; Sharing Knowledge & Helping to those, who are not in Bangalore City. Some videos would have average recording quality, but then the content of the video should be informative. So please do manage at your own convenience.


This is to inform you that the video URLs covers the following modules for learning;

  1. Digital Marketing Online Videos
  2. Google SEO Online Vidoes
  3. PPC Google AdWords Online Videos
  4. Social Media Online Videos
  5. Google Analytics Online Videos

And for each modules, I’ve arranged the topics for your comfort to best learn from basics, to intermediate, to advance topics in a sequential manner. Note: Please comment & share you thoughts on the video link content, quality & clarity so that it would encourage me to create more videos and improvise video too. You can also suggest any topic, on which you would like me to create a video for your reference and learning. Also subscribe to my YouTube Channel: eMarket Education

Learn Digital Marketing for Free with Online Videos

Sl No Digital Marketing Topics Free Learning Video URLs
1 Digital Marketing Kya Hai? How to Start a Successful Career in Digital Marketing?
2 4 Pillars of Search Engine Marketing
3 What makes search engines more powerful?
4 What is a Best Strategy in Digital Marketing?
5 Role of Digital Marketing after a Product/Business launch?
6 How to Proceed with Digital Marketing Project
7 How to do a Website Analysis
8 Free Online Competitive Analysis Strategy for Digital Marketing Projects
9 Free Online Keyword strategy for SEO & PPC | “Digital Marketing Kya Hai”
10 Discussion on Keyword Strategy for SEO & PPC AdWords
11 Classroom: Session on Keyword Research in Digital Marketing
12 Digital Marketing Performance Metrics
13 Discussion: How to become a successful Digital Marketer?
14 Why Creative Banner Design is an Essential Element in Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing Tips








Learn PPC Google AdWords for Free with Online Videos

Sl No PPC Google AdWords Topics Free Learning Video URLs
1 Getting Started with PPC Google AdWords Campaign | #PPCCourseOnlineFree
2 Tips on How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool
3 How Keyword Match Type helps in Budget Optimisation
4 “Keyword Match Type” Online Training Session
5 3 Important PPC Metrics for Branding Objectives in Google AdWords
6 CTR Explained in the Simplest Way
7 Classroom: Session on Ad Copy for PPC Google AdWords
8 Display Network in PPC Google AdWords by Ranjan Jena
9 Display Network Targeting Best Practices
10 Best PPC Campaign Management Techniques
11 Discussion: Daily Tasks of a PPC Expert
12 Getting Started with a PPC Project
13 Step by Step Pay Per Click Strategy Flow for Effective Digital Marketing Process
14 Pay Per Click Optimization Strategy
15 How to Reduce Avg CPC in PPC Month on Month
16 Find out the Best Practices & Checklists for PPC AdWords
17 Discussion:Learn how to achieve your PPC Goals with a limited budget
18 How Google AdWords helps e-commerce companies?
19 How to Manage PPC Ads for Real Estate Project? Google Ads Live Campaign Management | PPC Case Study
20 Google AdWords Trainingcation
21 How to become a PPC Google AdWords specialist | #GoogleAdWordsForBeginner


Learn Google SEO for Free with Online Videos

Sl No Google SEO Topics Free Learning Video URLs
1 Getting Started with Blogging Course Online Free
2 Start with a Blog to Explore Digital Marketing Learning
3 Session on integrating Google Analytics & Webmaster to your Blog
4 Learn SEO for a Website (Part 1)
5 Learn SEO for a Website (Part 2)
6 Best & Easy Tips for Keyword Research
7 Google Keyword Planner Tool for Keywords Research
8 Best On-Page SEO Practices for Bloggers | #SEOCourseOnlineFree
9 Discussion on SEO Backlinks Strategy By: Ranjan Jena | eMarket Education
10 What’s the Importance of Quality Backlinks? Learn SEO Link Building Online Free
11 A brief discussion on Google Analytics and Google Webmaster
12 How to work on SEO Project? Learn SEO Strategy Implementation | SEO Tutorial for Beginners
13 How to approach a client for SEO project?



Learn Social Media Marketing for Free with Online Videos

Sl No. Social Media Topics Free Learning Video URL
1 Social Media Marketing Tips for Better Engagement and ROI | Corporate SMM Training


Learn Web Analytics for Free with Online Videos

Sl No Web Analytics Topics Free Learning Video URLs
1 Basics of Google Analytics By: Ranjan Jena | eMarket Education
2 Role of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing | By: Ranjan Jena | eMarket Edu
3 How Google Analytics can help your Digital Marketing Career? By: Ranjan Jena | eMarket Edu

Please comment and share your thought on the video information. I’d be more delighted to go ahead and create many more videos to help many others, who can’t be in direct contact with my learning programs. Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel: eMarket Education & encourage to create more digital marketing videos.   You can also refer one-of-my-popular blog, where I share, how to earn money online in just 2 months with Zero Investment?

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