A Suggestion – to All Digital Marketing Career Aspirants

Digital Dream – Money – Discipline – Achievement

All actions are deep-rooted in “Thought”. Thought becomes an action, and this in turn becomes your life. I thought and cast my mind back to my own responsibility in educating businesses and professionals in “Digital Marketing”. Being a trainer/guest faculty/visiting Faculty in the area of Digital Marketing, esp., Google Adwords and Analytics; I take this opportunity to greet you to the world of Digital Marketing Space.

Certain experiences in past few days made me re-think on my given responsibility i.e., “Educating on Digital Marketing“. Anyone opting for Digital Marketing course should take a closer look at each of below four elements;

• Dream (Digital Marketing Career)

• Money (Course Fee)

• Discipline (Digital Marketing Learning Process)

• Achievement

What is the meaning of this 4 elements in this article? Let’s understand one-by-one in detail.

DREAM (Digital Marketing)

Everyone have a dream or are trying to create one, and accomplish it. So are the candidate’s who are dreaming to build a career in Digital Marketing.

Congratulation’s to You for having the dream and ready to accept the challenges in the path of accomplishment.

I’m confident that you are rejuvenating a lot of passion for it, and so is the decision been made. Now, how to achieve this digital marketing career dream?

If you think to learn by referring to Google Search Engine and figuring out topics around the subject, you can educate yourself; that’s very good. Or the second option could be to have a Digital Marketing trainer who can guide you with the right steps. Last but not least option, join a good Digital Marketing training institute where expert’s faculty can guide you well, in learning the subject. T hats’ all about Dream Start!


My forecast, Digital Marketing is the hot job now when all Companies are switching from traditional methods to Online Marketing. Be it Travel, Retail, Healthcare, E-Commerce, Entertainment, Education etc. industry segments. Now, you’re lucky, if you’re already with a digital marketing profile or the challenge would be gather some money / finance and join the Digital Marketing course and again expensive too, and investing so much is sure a pain for an individual mainly students / unemployed candidate / low salary draw candidates.

With passion in heart & mind, an individual takes the decision and joins the digital marketing course, and start with the Course curriculum, since Quality Education & better Career can’t be compromised with Money.

The only thing to be kept in mind here; I’m going to invest a huge amount, and for sure, I’ve to make the best digital marketing learning with this money.

Also, there are few points I would request all Aspirant’s to know and abide by, before starting with your specific Digital Marketing course to have a successful learning experience by end of the course;

• Prefer a course with Real Time guidance than to Online classes

• Be clear with Course Curriculum details

• How long the digital marketing course duration be?

• Who’s the Trainer/Faculty/Expert?

• No. of hours division between Theory & Practical sessions?

• Live Projects details you’ll be working on, so that you’re aware and prepared from the day 1

• Handbook, to follow

• Institute should encourage topics discussion and presentation on a regular basis to judge individual’s scope of learning, practise and understanding

• Maintaining class notes for all sessions

• Student’s should always come revising the last class teachings

• Student’s should also take out time to prepare on the next class topics, and should come with queries

• Preparing for job interview techniques

• Giving your course, a Priority!

• Regular feedback

• Practise – Practise – Practise


You invested the money, and joined the best online marketing institute to be guided by real experts in the Digital Marketing field. It’s important that you keep the same enthusiasm and aspiration till the course completion.

Yes, I’ve student’s who had lot of passion and dedication during the entire course period, but also few, who invested in the seo/ppc google adwords course, & were somewhere lost with their passion, either not revising, practising or dedicating enough time for the course.

I’d say, “Dear, you aren’t going to be with this training life-long; it’s only for certain duration, maintain the perseverance to shape up your career while being around the guidance of this faculties/mentors”

Please make sure to revise your previous session topics, come prepared with questionnaires or doubts next day. Also complete the assignments, be with the latest updates, insights and trends in Online Marketing industry.

Dedication for Career is, “Dedicating valuable times to the whole course duration without any distraction, remembering & able to deliver answers around the asked queries, practising previous sessions and preparing for the next sessions that makes the session more challenging and interactive between the expert faculty and aspirant’s/students, reading, riding on difficulties and then succeeding, and at last practising, practising & practising…Bagging Dream Goal”.


Yes, if you do follow sincerely the above points, then Success / Achievements would be Yours. No one can stop you from cracking your dream job company in Digital Marketing.

Achievements certainly lies around those individuals who are very confident with strong will power and perseverance to start on their dream passion and never give up till the end. You know, “The End”.

I very well believe in it nowadays, since sometimes you might go down, loose hope, be confused or doubtful, feel to step back from Digital Marketing, but it’s the confidence, will power, hard work and perseverance that ignites the fire inside you in achieving what you Believe or Dream with Digital Marketing! At times, it’s not the all about knowledge but the Confidence to “Never Give Up” that keeps you going.

 Next, a very important point that I get to know from my digital marketing enquiries/leads everyday;

  1. “I want to do Digital Marketing Course?”
  2. “I want to know the Digital Marketing Training Fees?”

This arise a point in my mind;

Do candidates know, what is Digital Marketing? Do they know the different channels/mediums/types of Digital Marketing? Are the students aware of the individual career specialization in Digital Marketing again? Where do a student fit on, in Digital Marketing career around their academic qualifications, skills & understanding?

Many of the candidates think, digital marketing course is a single subject, but what they are unaware of; Digital Marketing is a program comprising of 3 primary specialization career subject including Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing & Social Media Marketing, and each is a great career option by itself.

For e.g., look at the below table to understand; Digital Marketing name is similar to MBA

MBA Digital Marketing
Marketing SEO
Finance PPC
HR Social Media
IT Email Marketing


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