Great Lines from Arianna – Inbound 2013

Watch Arianna Huffington’s, (the president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group) keynote @ INBOUND 2013


Great lines from Arianna @ INBOUND 2013

* Where you got to put your energy into, and where not!

* Life only makes sense when you look back, but not as you living it

* The only thing we’re in control of is our attitude to what is happening to us

* Living in the moment and being present, is the most powerful

* Defining success, according to what is important to us!

* Failure is not the opposite of Success, but a stepping stone to success

* Failure is not an option, then success is not an option too

* Failure is part of the process leading to great products or companies, and if you’re not willing to do that, you’re not willing to do something great

* If you don’t have the guts to do it your way, don’t go public

* Disconnect with technology to connect with ourself

* A culture of burn out can never be a culture of creativity

* Constantly re-inventing, what have been created

* If you have to be a media company, than you’ve to be a global media company

* Accelerating ‘Ahaa’ moments

* SLEEP is a leadership tool, a performance enhancement tool

* Stress is causing American business 300Billion

* Great French expression; Lean Back in order to Jump Higher!

* Often Leaders self-destruct

* If taken more time to dealing with inner-demons, then wouldn’t have self-destructed in those ways

* Learning to deal with our negative fantisies

* The Greek Philosophers had 3 big questions; How do we govern the city, what do we need to know, how do we live a good life? But Modern philosophers have really stopped asking, ‘how to lead a good life, but led everything to money and power’

* Seth Goddin said in his speech; Generosity is going to become more and more in marketing

* How to monetize Twitter – Humor, Humanity and Huge Deal

* Give me a place to stand, and I can move the whole World

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