Best PPC Structure for Long tail Keywords

My Client sells Omniture Tools. How do I best structure my PPC account for the long tail (i.e. individual Omniture titles)? Grouping all ad titles in the same ad group completely spoils given that each keyword sends the user to a separate ad title, but creating an ad group for each ad title sounds like overkill (or is it not?)

The goal of grouping appropriately is to put similar keywords into same adgroups and to give them relevant ad copies. Given the example of individual Omniture tool titles, I completely agree that you would not want to combine everything together. There are many strategies, but mainly the 3 routes I see here and they are ranked by most effective/time consuming:

1. Breakout each ad title into its own ad group. Having one title per ad group is the best option. Assuming you expand on the keywords for each ad title, each ad group will be very tight and highly relevant. This can also be done for tools, features and any other categories.

2. Breakout by top ad titles and then by different tools. The hybrid option can be a great balance of your time. For instance you can build out a highly relevant group for “SiteCatalyst”: sitecatalyst, sitecatalyst for ppc, omniture sitecatlyst, buy omniture sitecatalyst, buy sitecatalyst sem tool, etc. Then you can group the lower volume/obscure titles as tightly as possible by tools, features, or a combination of various factors.

3. Breakout by Omniture tools. The final option can be the quickest, but also the least effective depending on how large/small you make your categories. It’s easiest to dump everything into different tools like Omniture discover, searchcenter, insight, genesis, sitesearch, merchandising, and survey. Or you can build very specific tools like “Omniture sitecatalyst Web analytics”.

Even after choosing a grouping method, there is more work to be done like adding negatives, testing ad copy, pausing/moving poor quality score keywords, ad scheduling for a given day in a week, different adcopies based on individual day theme in a week and more.

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