Writing for Your Digital Marketing Career

digital marketing career

This blog brought up so many opportunities in 2013 that creating this blog and working hard to create & curate quality content is one-of-the good thing I have done for my career in digital marketing 2013.

If you are on the edge about whether or not you should start to blog/blog more often/write deeper blog content, the answer is YES: Make 2014 the year that you START WRITING!

Digital Marketing Blogging

Good writing takes time, but it’s learning for forever. An article that may take few hours of your time could end up being read for hours together with a huge list of unique visitors. Check out below stats from Ranjan Jena’s most popular post in 2013, though the blogs were created at different time intervals of the year 2013;


Note: 4 of the URLs that took me around 5 hours to complete was read for a total of 31 hours in 2013. Where outside of writing can one individual get so much undivided attention?


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