Top Shortcut Tips for Google Search

Google has enabled a long list of search shortcuts; By adding what Google calls an operator followed by a COLON “ : “, you can get some pretty interesting research done very quickly.

Find 10 favorite web site and SEO shortcuts because they give you a quick look at some of the most competitive search ranking factors.

  • site:(get your search results for only one website – this would show pages on Online Paid Look with the word referral) – “referrals”
  • link:(find page that link back to a page or entire site) –
  • info: (find info about a page) –
  • related: (shows pages that Google think are related to a site) –
  • cache: (shows what a page looked like in previous version) –
  • filetype:(search for specific filetypes only) – marketing filetype:ppt
  • allintitle: (search keywords in page title) – allintitle:twitter
  • allinanchor: (search for link or anchor text) – allinanchor:get more links
  • inurl:(restrict search to page URLs)inurl:smartphones
  • allintext: (words specified in body text) – allintext:online paid
  • acronym: (secret to increase in ROI)


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