Important Points on My Client Center (MCC) Adwords Account

My Client Center (MCC) Account for –

Agency or Multiple AdWords Account Manager


MCC, is an AdWords account that lets you easily view and manage all of your AdWords accounts including other MCC manager accounts from a single location to save time.


Benefits –

  • Single sign-in to access all managed AdWords accounts incl. other manager accounts
  • Easy-to-ready, search, navigate and manage all account from a single dashboard
  • Efficiently monitor using alerts
  • Easy performance comparison of all accounts
  • Run reports for all accounts
  • Get budget updates for all managed accounts
  • Quickly create and link AdWords account

Who should use –

  • Large advertisers with more than one Account
  • 3rd Parties – Agencies, Search Engine Marketers, Automated Bid Managers, Professionals managing multiple accounts


Creating a MCC account –


Linking MCC to –

  • An existing AdWords account
  • A new account by creating directly from MCC by clicking “Create Account
  • An AdWords account can be linked with a max of 5 MCC account, and your MCC can be no greater than 5 levels deep

3 different access levels for MCC account –

  • Administrative Access
  • Managed read-only access
  • Managed standard access


Changing Client Managers –

  • To give access to some of the client accounts linked to your manager account


Understanding MCC Account tabs –

  • Performance tabs – display statistics for Search & Display network CTR. Performance statistics is always for last 90 days.
  • Budget tabs – displays relevant billing info, keep track of all managed account spendings


Budget Tabs Columns include –

  • Billing Account
  • Billing Customer
  • Purchase Order
  • Billing Method
  • Account Budget
  • Remaining Account Budget
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Total Daily Budgets


Search across Accounts Tab –

  • Helps to quickly search and navigate directly to specific accounts, campaigns, ad groups or ads


Manager Defined Spend (MDS) –

  • Is a simple way for MCC users to control their managed budgets


MDS Eligibility –

  • A MCC account should be on monthly invoicing
  • A MCC account should be on credit card postpay
  • A new MCC account that is already using MDS


MDS ineligibility –

  • A MCC account is on pre-pay, but not on monthly invoicing
  • A MCC account where the client is billed directly
  • A MCC account with billing address of Argentina, Brazil
  • A MCC account with billing address of France and managed by 3rd party

Important MDS Terms –

  • MDS – Manager Defined Spend
  • MDO – Manager Defined Order
  • MCC – My Client Center
  • Manager Order-Level Invoice
  • Budget

For any further clarification or knowledge, contact Ranjan Jena



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