Sitelinks not Visible in Paid Results

Sitelinks (from Google Help Center)

Latest Update (Feb 2013) –

Google: as of this week, the character limit that we support in Sitelinks creation has now changed from 35 to 25 characters.  Some background: long sitelinks don’t work as well as shorter ones, not only in terms of CTR, but also regarding rendering on mobile.

– New Sitelinks created through AWFE will support only the new 25 character limit max. as of today

– Legacy Sitelinks upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns will not be subject to change/disapproval on upgrade, if they exceed the 25 character limit

Former Update (Aug 2012) –

Google info about the updated Sitelink policy below.

In an effort to maintain the highest level of quality in sitelinks, each sitelink in a campaign must direct a user to a different URL in your website, with completely different content. We will begin to proactively reinforce this unique destination policy in the coming weeks, which means you’ll need to edit any duplicate sitelinks in your account or they will stop serving.Please sign in to your AdWords account and ensure that each sitelink within a campaign has a different destination URL (not including the tracking URL) and points to unique content.If you don’t update your duplicate sitelinks, they will not serve, and could possibly reduce the number of sitelinks that your ad shows, or even stop your sitelinks from serving with your ads.

Keep in mind that your ads won’t always show sitelinks. Also, when your ads show sitelinks, the format that appears could vary.

Google consider various factors when determining what types of sitelinks they’ll display with your ad, and whether to display sitelinks at all. These factors include the following reasons:

  • Campaign ad’s Quality Score.
  • The position of your ad on Google search result pages.
  • The landing page of your ads and sitelinks.
  • Other ad extensions that are enabled in your campaign.
  • The search term used by a potential customer.
  • The relevance of other ads on the page.
  • For enhanced sitelinks, the relevance of your other ads to your sitelinks.

The following best practices will help increase your chances of showing sitelinks:

  • Ad should have one of the top positions above Google search results.
  • Ad should have a very high Quality Score.
  • Sitelink URLs must direct customers to pages that are relevant to your product or service.

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