Lower Bounce Rate? Improve…

Bounce Rate Analysis include the following steps;

1) Analyze the source of the visit –> Testing different ads based on the source stats

2) Analyze the keywords –> Test match types and negative keywords

3) Analyze the campaign funnel –> Test new ads and landing page variations

4) Analyze the timing –> Test lowering bids on different days of the week and different times of the day

5) Analyze the landing page design and layout –> Test different colors, buttons, images & page layouts.

6) Analyze the Call-to-Action –> Test different types of call to action and the wording of such call to action on the landing pages

7) Analyze special offers –> Test various types of specials & discounts (whether % or $ works better)

8) Analyze the internal navigation –> Test additional navigational options on your landing pages to check improvement in overall results

9) Analyze the trust elements –> Test different elements that help build trust in a first-time visitor by including a customer testimonial, link to a privacy policy, and display “trust marks”

10) Analyze YOUR customers –> Test by including surveys on your site or via email, ask your customer advisory board, or conduct focus groups


Bounce Rate analysis as a regular process will help you capture the right audience with the right message in the right way, and drive further account growth.


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