Local Language PPC Strategy

Please refer the below screenshot names “Example’ on Language Targeting opportunity with Adwords;


Here to share an Adwords experience relating to Language Targeting Strategy with PPC accounts;

Accept that you’re running a PPC Campaigns for XYZ brand that is existing in Thailand & Hong Kong locations. For sure, you would have 4 separate accounts to target specifically while keeping Quality Score in mind;

For CT TH : English Language targeted Adwords Account & Thai Language targeted Adwords Account

Similarly for CT HK : English Language Adwords Account & Chinese Language Adwords Account

Let’s now get down to XYZ  (Thailand Brand) Thai Adwords Account Optimization through Language Settings

So you would go ahead with targeting Thai language in your Campaign Settings options, while your target location being THAILAND users only. Below is the screenshot where you choose language option for your Adwords Account;

However, we tend to forget that, there are THAI users, who even “exist in/travel to” Hong Kong, China, Singapore, India, Malaysia etc., while there Browser language Settings is still THAI but not chinese, tamil or English

So here is a conclusion to draw:

We should even target location including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia while targeted language setting being THAI; In this way, you won’t be conflicting with the Hong Kong brand Adwords Account , as there target is Chinese language Users and yours is still with Thai users in HK or other regions.

So just by changing the language settings features in Adwords Account, you create opportunity for improving performance for your Adwords account to target not only a given location but also your counter-parts location region too i.e., here Hong Kong.


P.S. Hope my example was clear; If not, then please shoot a mail, and I’d try to elaborate more on the given discussion.


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