Google Adwords Fundamental Exam Tips

Google AdWords Fundamental Exam Certification

Here’s few random list of points to help you with Google Adwords Fundamental Certification Exam successfully;

  • What is Quality Score? Formula of Quality Score
  • Difference with Automatic Placements to Managed Placement in Display Network campaigns?
  • How does Broad, Phrase & Exact negative keywords work in your campaigns?
  • “Click Here” in adcopies – Will it be approved or disapproved as part of Adcopy Editorial Guidelines
  • How does Broad Modifier match type works?
  • Where do you find Google Analytics URL Builder?
  • What is the max nos. of Sitelinks Ad Extension that can be created for a campaign?
  • What is difference between Standard & Accelerated delivery method?
  • How does G+ works in Paid Ads?
  • How important is Adwords Ad Preview tool?
  • What is contextual targeting tool?
  • How is MCC – My Client Center helpful?
  • What is enhanced CPC in Bidding Option of Campaign Settings
  • Understand the Match Type and how it functions?
  • How is Mobile Ads measured in Adwords?
  • Please go through Conversion Optimizer
  • Also have clarity on Language targeting & location targeting. For eg., if you are in India, and your’s Google browser language setting is TH, what type of ads would be targeted to you?
  • PPC Campaign Budgetin & ROI
  • Last and not least, PPC Metrics Understanding

It’s just not fundamental, but more than fundamental. Best suggestion for clearing exam would be to go through the above points, hover your mouse on this type of symbol  Bubble Speechwherever you see, and take time to read those details for sure. Then,  spend some quality time on Campaign Settings features and Display Advertising. Or can check; eMarket Education

Also do remember that the PPC Google Ad Words certification is actually divided to 4 Modules, where the Fundamental exam is the basic following with Search, Display Module & Video Module.

The fundamental Module is of 2 Hours duration with total 90 questions with pass mark of 85% and exam is free.

All the Best. Hope my suggestion will surely help all those PPC Aspires to become Google Adwords Certified!!!

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