Create Video Remarketing Campaign with Google AdWords & YouTube

Remarketing YouTube Viewers with PPC Google AdWords

Display tailored ads to millions of viewers across YouTube and video partner sites, based on their past interactions with your Google AdWords videos or YouTube channel campaigns

With Video Remarketing through Google AdWords, You can target new or existing video campaigns for viewers –

  • Interacted with or viewed your YouTube videos
  • Subscribed or Unsubscribed from your YouTube channel
  • Viewed your TrueView in-stream ads
  • Visited your YouTube channel

Benefits of Video Remarketing –

  • Increase in ROI by targeting customers who have demonstrated an interest in a given product or service
  • Earn millions of views ( & often quickly) allowing you to reach potential
  • Competitive rates that meet your target ROI (you pay only when the user chooses to view ads (cost per view))
  • Remarket based on actions specific to one’s YouTube videos, including when viewers like, dislike, comment on, or share video

 Video Remarketing Key Features –

  • Targeting: specific categories such as Topics, Interests, Keywords, Geotargeting
  • Creative Formats: TrueView Ads, Text, Images, Riche Media ads
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Ease-of-Use: create, manage and target
  • Custom Audiences: similar to custom combination feature in AdWords Display Network Remarketing


Create a Video Remarketing List – (Screenshot Below)

  • Sign-in http://adwords.google.com
  • Click New Campaign – Choose “Online Video
  • If created Video Campaign, Choose “Video Campaigns” from left bottom navigation list
  • Click “Shared Library” choose Video Remarketing from left navigation list
  • Select +Remarketing List
  • Select List Type
  • Select Channel
  • List Name, meaningful name to indicate, what viewers added
  • Define Membership Duration, the number of days a user’s cookie stays on the list if the user doesn’t interact with your video or channel again. The default duration is 30 days.
  • Define Initial List Size, targeting people who visited your channel within the past 30 days as well as future visitors
  • Choose Status, your video or channel must gain interactions from 100 viewers that meet the remarketing list criteria before the video remarketing list can be added to a targeting group
  • Now create Remarketing List


Google AdWords Video Remarketing List for Youtube Users
Remarketing YouTube Viewers with Google AdWords


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