Google Keyword Tool & Traffic Estimator Tool – Real Time Session

adwords traffic estimator tool

AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool

“Behind every successful AdWords campaign is well planned out Campaign Structure revolving around relevant Keywords & Adcopies ~ Ranjan Jena.”


There are these 2 features in Google Keyword Planner tool; Generate Keyword Ideas and Traffic Estimator & Forecast feature to help identify new keywords and ad groups, get traffic estimates for SEO & traffic forecast for PPC, and able to choose competitive bids and budgets while adding them to campaigns.

In Google AdWords, you find the Keyword tool and the Traffic Estimator combined into one tool called the Keyword Planner.

Here in the PPC video, I just share my knowledge on two of the most digital marketing tool called Keyword & Traffic Estimator tool, pretty much used regularly while dealing with PPC AdWords Management or SEO Ranking.

Hope, you find the Keyword Planner tool video useful.

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