Best Tips to Place PPC Ads in Top Search Results

best tips to place ppc ads in top search results

Place your Google Ads in Top Search Results

In Google, PPC Ads appear;

–          Top of the results

–          Side of the page

–          Bottom of the page

Note: Only highest ad ranking ppc ads are eligible to show in the top results of sponsored section in Google search engine

PPC Ad Rank Position in Google search engine is determined by;

–          Bid Value

–          Quality Score

–          Expected CTR

–          Ad copies Relevancy

–          Landing Page Experience

–          Impact of Ad Extensions

–          Impact of Ad Formats


How Google AdWords Chooses Top Ad Position;

–          Ad Rank (formula = Max CPC * Quality Score)

–          Ad Rank meeting a minimum threshold

–          High CTR (Click-Thru-Rate)

–          Present with Ad Extensions


Top Positioned AdCopy Quality Remarks;

–          Relevancy in Adcopy text and Landing page

–          Targeting relevant keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner tool

–          Ads gaining high CTR or consistently driving clicks

–          Competitive bid pricing than to Competitors

–          Ads bid exceeding “top of page bid estimate”

–          Regular campaign improvement management techniques


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