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How to Make Money in 3 Months Online: 3 Simple Ways

how to make money online for free?

Earn Money Online Free Working from Home

(Min INR 10,000/- Income in 3 Months with Zero Investment from Blogging AdSense)


“Success is making those who Believed in You look Brilliant.” ~ #DharmeshShah

Though started my blog journey back in 2009, but never been so keen to make money from my blog, as to how much I’m today. It’s not just about making money online, but taking the pride that I can, and I’m making money online with my digital marketing knowledge, which I’ve been teaching to others in the last 10 years while helping individuals, manage or grow their business, and now it’s a challenge to me if I can generate revenue, grow my blog revenue online.


3 Primary Habits Every Blogger Should Have to Earn Money Online

  • You should be Committed: Dedicating the required time to be successful
  • Content that will make stand out from the Crowd: Knowing, Why people will come to me!
  • Making Your Blog & Blogging Worthwile: You’ll never Know Unless you give it a Shot!

There are plenty of ways or home-based jobs for earning money online from home, but I’m going to share JUST 3 SIMPLE WAYS to work from home & make money online in just 3 Months from Blogging Adsense. Are you ready?

Here are 3 Simple Ways to earn money from Blogging, Work from Home;

  1. Create Your Free Blog Account with Blogger (
    • Yes, you need a platform/podium of your own to execute your ideas, strategy & implementation so that relevant & interested online users would start visiting your blog site on a regular basis, which would be the most important support for your money-making objective. The detailed best practices to be followed for your blog is mentioned below for your reference.
    • Remember, traffic and popularity of your blog site is very important in driving revenue
  2. Create an Account with Google Adsense (
    • Joining this program is the one-of-the-most easiest way to expect money from your blog or website provided you’re very good at the above 1st point executions.
  3. Join free with Amazon Affiliate Program (


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Let’s take a detailed explanation of each points one-by-one:

Create Your Free Blog Account with Blogger (

Earn Money Online with Blogger Blog

Start creating content around your passionate topics on a regular basis on your Blogger blog to attract traffic. Other best practices followed to quickly drive traffic & increase the popularity of your blog would be;

  • Integrated Google Analytics & Google Webmaster to Your Blog so that you can track & measure the complete performance of your blog
  • Write content topics that you are very familiar with so that you can decide on different topics, write independently and maintain quality & quantity, which otherwise with irrelevant topics would be difficult to be maintained
  • Follow simple & effective Google SEO optimization rules so that Your blog articles are 100% optimized to rank high in Google results, which is the main source to drive traffic to your blog. Few important SEO implementations will be;
    • Strategic Keyword Selection
    • Strategic Topic Selection
    • Quality Keyword & Content Mix
    • Proper Meta tags with Header Tags
    • Alt text & Image Alt tags implementation
    • Image size, less than 100 KB
    • A proper mix of content information that the user doesn’t leave your website
    • Use of Videos, Infographics
    • Conclusion with supportive links for additional info
  • Min word length of each posted article should be 1800+
  • Avoid keyword stuffing & duplicate content
  • Write Blog Articles on the latest topics, educative information, free knowledge or case studies or Q&As regularly while using the right competitive keywords with good search volume & long-tail keywords


Create an Account with Google Adsense (

Google AdSense for Blogger

Google Adsense is a program from Google to help earn money by placing ads of Google Advertisers on your blog site or website. Almost 2 Mn people have chosen the Google Adsense program to place ads and make money online. Also, have a blog account with Blogger will help you to seamlessly integrate with Google Adsense because both are of Google products.

Following are the steps to integrate Google Adsense with Your blog to encash money online;

  • Submit your website details while creating an account with Google Adsense; Google will check your blog site and decide, whether to approve your Google AdSense account
    • If yes, then you can be able to log in and choose the ad format that you want to be displayed with ads on your blog site
    • If no, then your blog has an issue in approval; either it’s a pretty new blog, doorway page website, not enough of blog content, no proper blog site development done,
  • Select the type of Ad Formats (including Text Ads, Display Banner Ads, Rich Media Ads, Responsive Ads or Link Units Ads) that you would add to your site. Responsive ad formats automatically adapt to different screen sizes so you can create a great user experience and continue to earn money when people view your site on tablets or smartphones.
  • Decide the ads placement position to display on your blog site for maximum attention & click
    • You can choose the placement of your ads of leaderboard size in the header section or skyscraper and square size in the right side layout. You can also plan to include the ad formats in between your page or post article content and in the footer section too
  • When ads are visible or clicked, your account will be credit with a 68% click price share. You only get paid once you’ve accrued a certain no. of clicks that sum $100 or above.

Google AdSense Ads Sample on Blog Site;

Leaderboard Google AdSense Ad Formats

Google AdSense Ads Unit Sample


Skyscraper Google AdSense Ad Formats

Note: You’re only paid if anyone either sees your ads or clicks on your ads irrespective of whether they take an action on the advertiser’s website or not.


Join free with Amazon Affiliate Program (

Amazon Afiliate Program


Amazon has this affiliate program of its own to increase product sales by taking external associates’ support, and in return sharing a % commission on every sale out of different Amazon products online. The below screenshot explains the % commission for different product promotions.

% commission on every sale out of different Amazon products online

From Google Analytics, you can analyze, what type of “interest Persona” is visiting your website so that you can plan to pick those Amazon Products Link or Text banners to promote on your blog site.

Then search for the required product and get the link banner to promote it on your blog site (below screenshot for reference), and you’re now ready to make money from your blogger.

amazon affiliate program link banner ads


Note: Make sure, your Amazon Affiliate Program account is 100% completed with all necessary information with correct Bank Account details for the commission money to be credited to your account.

Following are the steps to integrate Amazon Affiliate Product Ads within Your blog to earn money online;

  • You can either ads the Banner or Image & Text Links or Only Image or Only Text related ads on your blog
  • Make sure on your Home Page and performing blog pages, you do place the relevant Amazon product banners to drive maximum clicks thus sales of the product to earn commission
  • Understand the daily demands or seasonal demands or situational requirements; based on this analysis you can pick the right product banner and promote it on your most engaging pages to drive clicks and thus sales to earn money
    • You can take the help of Google trends to also understand the current trending topics in the market w.r. t geo locations
    • You can also find trending topics on the YouTube channel
  • You can use multiple product banners inside a blog article reading, then just one.
  • You’re paid commission only when the user clicks, and purchases the products.

Few pre-requisite online marketing skills to achieve Blogging AdSense results in 3 months are;

  • Good in English
  • Thorough with implementation
  • Good in Google SEO Implementation
    • Keyword Research
    • Content Strategy
    • On-page Implementation
  • Thorough with Google Webmaster & Google Analytics
  • Add-on will be SEMRush Tool
  • The simple way to learn the above skills is to take my free Digital Marketing Course Online Videos

So, if you can follow these 3 easy ways Blogging Adsense dedicatedly & religiously with a steady flow of new content uploading on a regular basis; you would definitely attract maximum traffic and thus, more visibility to your Blogging Google AdSense or Affiliate Products Ads to encourage either clicks only or with sales to earn money while working from home.

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