Tracking Pay Per Click Performance in Omniture SiteCatalyst

Tracking PPC Performance in Adobe SiteCatalyst

This post discusses, how to track the ads that are performing on your site?

What you will need:

  • s.products –> for Ad IDs (both impressions and clicks)
  • one (1) eVar to capture the Promotion Ad ID (this will capture clicks only)
  • two (2) success events (one will capture ad impressions and one will capture ad clicks)


On the page load for the page that you wish to track the advertising for, set the s.products string with the Ad IDs and set the events to a free success event.  If there is more than one ad that you wish to track, pass a delimited list of IDs. An example is below for both:



Within the ad (or each ad if there is more than one), you will need to an an OnClick event to each destination URL of the ad.  You will also set the s.eVar and s.products variable with the associated Ad ID and set the variable to the other success event allocated for this effort.  An example of this is:

<a href=”/blog/abc.asp” onClick=”var s=s_gi(s_account);




s.linkTrackEvents=’event2′;,’o’,’Ad XYZ123′);”>link name here</a>

You should make sure that the eVar that you are using has full subrelations turned on so that you can see and breakdown that by all other eVars captured. Leverage SAINT to bring in additional attributes such as creative size, type, etc. to see more insight into what is working and whats not.

Now you can begin to focus your efforts towards those with the highest ROI instead of highest CTR.


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