Track PPC Success with Analytics Stats

Few major best practices to analyze the analytics data for your SEM success;

  • Overall site traffic & traffic trends
  • Average rank for a keyword
  • Traffic associated with the rank
  • Number of pages pulling in unique visitors
  • Pages which pull in the most traffic
  • How each of those data points relates to your business

Want to see how much traffic your site is compared to a competing website?

Compete.com is one of those many sites, which helps to quickly compare website traffic profiles against each other. Even you can include few features of Compete.com to your optimization techniques to understand your campaign performance or implement these ideas to increase the performances;

  • listing top keywords on a per site basis
  • listing estimated traffic percentages from top traffic sources
  • listing traffic distribution per keyword on a broad match or exact match basis

Though the data is not perfect with your existing account, but, if you compare it against your analytics data, it can give you a good idea how strong competing sites are and where they might be beating you.

Also Google AdPlanner, Quantcast, and Alexa are few other service industries, which keep leveraging in sharing more data to try to win market share in the competitive market.

Which site is ranking for more valuable keywords?

Providing historical charts of the number of keywords in the database that a site ranks for, and estimated value/cost of those rankings.

Which site has more links?

If a competitor had one month of solid link growth, you can then try to search Google news and the search results from that time frame to see what they did to get all those links. You can’t beat them just by following them, but you can always draw inspiration from ideas and greatly improve upon them!

Note: Though the content of this above article is copied from a particular source, but again its promoted here in this blog to come up with few optimization technique from the above shared ideas to increase the ROI of your online account.


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