Spy on Your Online Competitors

Online Competitor Analysis Tool

Here are online competitor analysis tools for spying on your competitors activities in Online Business;

1) Collects a bunch of information about a Web site, like is it listed in Yahoo directory, registration details, etc. It also tells you other sites that are on the same IP. Some SEO companies put their clients on the same IP.

2) Check out keyword densities for your competitors. Breaks it up into 2 word, 3 word and 4 word combinations

3) Page Strength Tool – You can see how many times they’ve been put on Digg/Delicious/etc

4) Track site changes.

5) Find out who’s talking about your competition.

6) Use Google News to monitor references.

7) Helps you find your competitors’ hubs. Visually shows you where their links are coming from.

8) Keep track of patents of your competitors.

Keep an eye on your competitors traffic analysis. Watch their blogs. They may reveal a lot of information about, what’s going on internally.

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