PPC Google Shopping Product Listing Ads (PLA) Best Practices

PPC Google AdWords Product Listing Ads (PLA) Best Practices

Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google Update (21st Apr 2020): It’s now Free for Merchants to Sell on Google. Check the article link for more details; Google Shopping Tab Updates
Product Listing Ads or Google’s Shopping ads are the most effective campaigns for e-Commerce sites.
For creating a PLA campaign, we have to register our business with the Google Merchant Center account, and we need to submit product data feed.
Product Data feed contains; 
  • Product Id – Title – Description – Price – Condition – Availability
  • Product Category – Product type – Brand – High label – Link
Learn Optimizing the Product Listing Ads;
Taking the example of a client who has one product category – ” Home & Garden,” We are not able to categorize all the products in the different product categories. If we were having a lot of product categories in our feed, we could set bid differently for the different product categories in priority wise.
The easiest way to set an ad group & products for PLA is having one ad group & one product group, different bids for different products.
Here the one major problem we face is “accurately putting negative keywords.” 
Once you start running your PLA campaign, you will see a lot of irrelevant keywords bringing your audience to your product page. But if we put that keyword in the negative list – that will apply to other products as well in the above criteria.
As I said earlier, we have one product category and around 200 products.
We created different ad groups for different types of products in the home & decor category. By doing this, we have more accurate data on keywords that are triggering for different products, and we can put negative keywords in the ad group level, and it brings a much better result.
Don’t forget the essential metrics like benchmark CPC and share the impression to set your product bid.
Another way to optimize the PLA campaign is to check the bounce rate, average sessions for each ad group so that we can optimize the product page content.
Checking device and setting bid adjustment
Checking weekdays performance, the hour of the day for ad scheduling
Location wise performance is also a regular optimizing technique to do on a regular basis

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