7 Best PPC Adwords Optimization Steps

Important Tips to Improve Google Adwords Performance


Adgroup Grouping: Creating campaigns, and adgroups around tightly themed keywords and relevant adcopies while redirecting to right landing page

Keyword Match Type: Less using broad match to eliminate spend on irrelevant clicks. Try using Broad match modifier, and also exact and phrase match groups in order to write relevant, targeted ads. Add negative keywords to refine our targeting. Adding the correct keyword match types greatly improved the click-through rate (CTR).

Improve Location Targeting: If you’re not using location targeting properly, then better to target locations where prospective customers are located.

Optimize Landing Pages: Although the existing landing pages on the website would be keyword-rich, but they are not optimized to match the content/subject of their ads and doesn’t contain the most relevant keywords. It would be profitable to redesign the entire website, making sure to correctly optimize the new landing pages. This increases the average duration visitors remain on the site and lowering the bounce rate.

Better Ads: We should write more relevant ads using best practices to better attract potential customers. Then, you should split test the ads to find out, which perform the best and include links to relevant landing pages.

Ad Extensions: To further enhance the improved ads, you should include ad extensions such as sitelinks, location and call extensions. This also contributes to improve CTR.

Reduce Waste Ad Spend: In order to stop overspending on Display Network ads, utilize targeted placements.


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