How Did I create Instant Brand Awareness with PPC Adwords

If this is How your action works, I bet you will always have a winning face with your PPC Campaigns in coming days !

Below is, What I did to create an instant brand awareness strategy for my PPCWorkshopIndia event (held in Bangalore NOV 16-17), out of a given wall post in one-of-the Facebook Group page.

SCENARIO: Today, I saw someone posting the below given post in one-of-the Facebook Group page; Then I did ask myself, what the best winning situation can I create for my PPCWorkshopIndia event out of this given post, which is more relating with PPC ads? (Below is the image posted in Facebook)



After thinking for a while, I did take the following steps instantly to create an instant brand awareness for my Pay Per Click Google Adwords Workshop Event ;

• First I figured out, what is the keyword entered? It was “Internet Marketing Course“. So the very next moment I did check my ad position for this keyword, and increased the given keywords bids to be in better position.

  • Why I did? As I was very sure, the very next moment 100s of users would definitely do a search out of curiosity, and I can instantly create a brand awareness out of it by showing my ads in the top (below screenshot of my ad; when you all check, might be I’ll be in the top 🙂 )

PPC Workshop Event Bangalore NOV 16-17

• Secondly, I also tweaked the ads making it relevant to “Internet Marketing course” for improving the Google AdWords  Quality Score to come up on the top sponsored ads listing

• At last, I was pretty sure on the below following points, which compared at times you don’t know that easily. What are they;

o  With the given post, I know Where the user would jump into; Google Search Engine PPC Ads Section

o  What is the time fo the Search: Active searches happening by user in next 6-8 hours for this keyword

o What keyword would they search: “Internet Marketing Course” or related…

And for me the only strong action was to act immediately in order to create instant awareness for my PPC Workshop Event named PPCWorkshopIndia.



Why I love Pay Per Click Marketing esp., Google AdWords is for the fact that “I can Measure my Success easily”, and I did that too by jumping in Google Analytics tool to check ‘Real-Time” features in order to track the real time visits to my site after adapting this strategy. Also I could refer the other tabs to track the following user-behaviours on my site out of the given related keywords ‘Internet Marketing”;

  • Bounce Rate
  • From which Location did many users Visit
  • Total Visits
  • Increase in Referral Sites to PPCWorkshopIndia site
  • Which PPC Keywords?
  • Finally, It’s all about SHARING to Help Others Learn !!!


  • Competitors will act more aggressively on this keywords
  • Become more attentive before sharing
  • This is one-of-the way of taking advantage of any social media post relating to your industry keywords for success through PPC

If me being open to share this type of strategy helped you, I’d love to hear your comment or feedback either through email; ranjan@emarketeducation.in or Call – +91-7760969452 .

Ranjan Jena – PPC Google AdWords Trainer, Bangalore

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