Hero Conf 2012 Indianapolis, USA

HERO CONF – 2012 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Been a participant of the first PPC only conference called Hero Conf held in Indianapolis, Indiana in April 16-17 ‘2012. Latest update: Hero Conf Los Angeles (Apr 18-20) is OPEN… Register Now

Hero Conf 2012, PPC Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana

 A 2 day session on Pay Per Click only topic with speakers including Brad Geddes (Founder of Certified Knowledge), Kevin Lee (from Didit.com), Pat East (CEO of Hanapin Marketing), Matt Umbro etc., at the beautiful downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

 What did I learn attending this Pay per Click conference & workshop event?

  • Yes, you get the opportunity to network, which create job opportunities for yourself, since you’re one among this crowd of experts including Start-Ups, Managers, Brand Managers, MDs, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Project Leaders etc, who definitely are hunting for right candidates during the breaks, discussions or networking sessions
  • Learning topics both important & upcoming trends. What I’ve understood, all the speakers choose the topics that are found crucial knowing and executing being in the current scenario, as that will help increase ROI for any Client or Company
  • Workshop event are more towards working on a given topics than just listening. People learn, practice, live-demo, real time guidance, real time sharing knowledge to peers on a given subject and more
  • While sharing knowledge during break discussions, networking sessions in exchanging ideas, debating on certain topics, understanding the trends etc., it gives you an idea to think, “How others think towards a given subject?”
  • Networking – Yes, this is important since without networking, how would you get that first break in achieving a Client’s projects? Only if you’ve project, you can work on it. Without creating projects, how can you start with any work?
  • For my friends in India, try attending workshops which demonstrates more of practical learnings than to just theoretical or speaking on a given topic.
  • Also for freshers/students/job seekers, this is an opportunity to attend and mingle with company owners in grabbing a PPC Digital Marketing job opportunity (carry your resume / CV)

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